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The rich live on the back of the poor.
They attack us globally. Our response should be global.
Enough. Let us help the weak, let us share. Be human.
GRA news
Money isn't the highest value. There must be something else.
They deny us our future. Let us deny them their rule.

Eurasian Artists Association: a vision of the world alternative to modernism and post-modernism

What is Eurasian Artists Association (EAA)? It looks that it's a totally unique thing. Why do artists (what kinds of?) need an association?

Actually artists do not NEED an association per se, they need, as every man needs, a strong communitarian cooperation, support and sharing of strong ideas, visions and dreams.

The EAA has some basic ideas that artists can accept or reject.

If musicians, painters, philosophers, writers, graphicians, publishers... think that they want to support these ideas and connect with likeminded artists, they are invited to join us. We support them on our page and they are welcomed to cooperate with our other members, f.e. a musician can use a poem, two musicians can produce a joint recording, a graphic work can be used for a CD, a journalist can write about a music group, whatever.

Most of our members are musicians, though, as the two founders, TSIDMZ and Sonnenkind, are musicians themselves. A. Dugin as well was an active part in this process.

What are Your main aims, ideas?

The Eurasian Artists Association wants to give a vision of the world alternative to modernism and post-modernism, recolonizing the imaginary with the Arts for an inner resistance and a revolution (in the Latin meaning "revolvĕre" = come back) that starts from our deep roots.

The Eurasian Artists Association includes artists (writers, painters, musicians of different genres) who support the Eurasian idea of a metaphysical Weltanschauung of the history and the idea of a multipolar world of cultures and traditions against the post-modern globalist criminality

In rough terms these ideas can be named: a broad alliance against the globalist dictatorship and against the unipolar „New World Order”, support of spirituality and Beauty instead of materialist post-modernism, rejection of the dogmatic versions of the existing ideologies, and as consequence openness to overcome the old ideological schemes.

How many members do You have and who they are?

We have projects and single members from a lot of countries.

Beginning with the musical projects, among these are Sonnenkind, TSIDMZ, Porta Vittoria, Barbarossa Umtrunk, Septimo Romae, FF.AA, Qvercvs, Vir Martialis, Sinweldi, Mizar, Dark Loyalty, Nevod, The Wyrm, Dasein May Refuse (A. Dugin Daughter musical project), Betelgeuse (A. Dugin musical project), Noises of Russia, Rex Folk, Suveräna, Katabazija, Epoch, La Derniere Attaque, Svart1, 45 BASE, IDTAL, Le Cose Bianche, Front Of Hell, Тризна, Времени Знак, Puanteur De Charnier and Tsar Produzioni. Solo musicians Keika Okamoto, Valerio Orlandini, Raul Lovisoni, Kristian Giorgini, Goran Trajkoski, Gianluca Cagnani and Gregorio Bardini; the Eurasianist philosopher Alexandr Dugin; the Serbian poet Boris Nad; the blogger and musical writer Predrag Georgijev; the Swiss poet David Beetschen; the conceptual artist Irene Caesar; the Russian graphician Pavel Ivanov Benislavskaya; the German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter; the traditionalist writers Claudio Mutti, Natella Speranskaja and Sergio Fritz Roa; the photographer Cristobal Cvitanic Wyss; the Spanish handicraft by A. Zucas Alonso; Russian painters and designers Alexey Guintovt and Andrey Iryschkow and more artists...

What do You do as entity? What are Your activities and plans?

Until now the promotion of our artists is widespread from the Facebook page ( where we regularly spread our members' works, as well as articles relevant to our cause about topics like history, arts, geopolitics, philosophy...

The biggest project until now was the release of a download compilation ( featuring most of our musical projects.

In a true spiritual, social and communitarian spirit, there were and there will be several cooperations between our members.
In future we would like to plan also a physical release (book/CD), and why not an Eurasian arts festival... Let's see what will happen...

"The Fourth Political Theory struggles for the cause of all peoples, but it is not made for the people. It is a call to the intellectual elite of every human society, and rejects hegemony in all senses (philosophical, social, and political). This time, the people cannot help us. This time, we must help the people."

A. Dugin


45 BASE (45_я База) (Industrial Existential Neofolk from Russia)

Тризна (Eurasian Dark Ambient from Russia)

Времени Знак (Eurasian Dark Ambient from Russia)

Altaha (Experimental Ambient from Spain):

Ana Mawt (Brasilian Death Industrial)

Barbarossa Umtrunk (French Martial Ambient):

Betelgeuse (Alternative from Russia):

Dasein May Refuse (Dari Dougina electro project)

Dari plays flute also in Nirguna (Russian Experimental Neofolk)

Epoch (Industrial/Martial from the US)

FF.AA. (Martial EBM Industrial from Argentina)


(Industrial-Techno European Electronic Hardline from Greece and Czech Republic)
Steve J. Drakos, Alex Drakos (father and son)

Gianluca Cagnani (Italian Organist and Harpsichordist)

Goran Trajkoski (Ex-Frontman of Skopjian band Anastasia and Singer from Mizar)

Gregorio Bardini (Avantgarde Neofolk from Italy)

ITDAL (InDusTreeAlLace) (Experimental, Punk-Industrial-Ambient from the US)

Katabazija (Serbian Dark Wave)

Keika Okamoto (Japanese Pianist and Composer)

Kristian Giorgini (Folk/Military/Pop from Italy)

La Derniere Attaque (Neoclassical Martial Ambient from Mexico)ère-Attaque/155033784599782

Le Cose Bianche (Industrial-Power Electronics from Italy)

Mizar (Skopjian Dark Wave/Ambient pioneers)

Nevod (Martial / Dark Ambient from Uzbekistan):

Noises Of Russia (Шумы России) (Apocalyptic Experimental Music from Russia)

Porta Vittoria (Mediterranean Pop from Italy):

Puanteur De Charnier (French Electro/Industrial):

Qvercvs (Russian Martial/Neoclassic):

StSC is the Ambient side project of Qverqvs:

Raul Lovisoni (Italian Neoclassical-Ambient-Folk)

Red Mercury (North American 4PT Power Electronics):

Rex Folk (Chilean anti-zionist Folk Singer / Songwriter)

Septimo Romae (Spanish Martial / Neoclassical)

Sinweldi (French Neofolk)

Sonnenkind (German folk Singer):

Sonnenkind is also member of Martial act Spreu & Weizen:

There also is an Industrial project named "Death Party Organisation"

Stirner (Dutch Harsh Noise):

Svart1 (Dark-Ambient, Noise, Visual Arts from Italy)

Suveräna (Spanish Martial)äna/288623267816885

The Wyrm (Spanish Dark Folk):

Tsar Produzioni (Holy Epic Eurasian Ambient)

TSIDMZ (Industrial / Electro-Martial from Italy):

Valerio Orlandini (alias Symbiosis) (Italian Dark Ambient and Rhythmic Noise):

Vir Martialis (Martial from Venezuela)

Alexey Guintovt (Russian Painter and designer):

A. Zucas Alonso (Spanish Handicraft)

Bernd Volkhardt (German Painter & Writer):

Collectif Kéraunique Centrifuge (French Artist Platform)

Cristobal Cvitanic Wyss (Photographer)

Irene Caesar (Conceptual Artist and Philosopher)

Pavel Ivanov Benislavskaya (Graphician from Russia and owner of the musical channel and Dark-Ambient project Dark Loyalty)

Valera & Natatcha Cherkashin (Art, Happenings, Installations, Performances from Russia)

Our associates:

Natella Speranskaja (Russian Philosopher, Writer and Blogger)

Manuel Ochsenreiter (German Journalist)

Claudio Mutti (Italian writer, Thinker, Intellectual and founder of: the publishing house "Edizioni all'Insegna del Veltro" and the geopolitical magazine "Eurasia")

Edoardo Martino (Italian Blogger and Writer)

James Porrazzo (Writer, Blogger from the US):

Emily NewResistance (Official Graphic Designer from the US for OpenRevolt)

Predrag Georgijev (Serbian Writer and Blogger):

David B. (Swiss Poet)

Boris Nad (Serbian Writer):

Sergio Fritz Roa (Chilean writer)

Radioprostor (Russian Web-Radio)

Some Eurasian webs, groups and pages:ón-448524228678293 

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