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The rich live on the back of the poor.
They attack us globally. Our response should be global.
Enough. Let us help the weak, let us share. Be human.
GRA news
Money isn't the highest value. There must be something else.
They deny us our future. Let us deny them their rule.


The Twitter account of the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin (@agdchan) was deleted today without explanation.

"I consider this to be an ordinary element of the practice and politics of the liberal genocide of any dissent,” the philosopher commented on the situation. “Liberals allow only those who are also liberal to be in virtual space (and today “to be” often means to be online). All dissent is being rooted out. This is the meaning of liberal totalitarianism and racism.” 

Dugin continued: ”But I also want to draw attention to the regularity of the liberals’ actions against me. Before this, they cancelled my YouTube and Gmail accounts and then the accounts of many close friends and colleagues.” 

The philosopher noted that the deleted accounts had tens of thousands of subscribers (not even millions): ”This means that the liberals recognize danger first of all on the level of thoughts, and the fact that the victims of liberal genocide were my networks accounts can be perceived as a kind of recognition. Enemies sometimes know our value more than friends.” 

"There should be no doubt that technological civilization is first of all an ideology, and it is tough, intolerant, totalitarian and repressive. No one should have any doubts. We tend to think of it as just email, we think it's our electronic diary or video blog - a place to lecture or publish texts, comments, or articles in the public domain... But no - it is a toxic environment where only that which corresponds to the ruling ideology is acceptable, while everything else is slated for destruction. This is the essence of this culture,” Dugin highlighted.

Dugin recalled that US Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, a typical representative of the globalist establishment, has already once demanded that President Trump’s Twitter be cancelled. “Their tentacles could not reach Trump, but they closed my account just in case,” Dugin remarked.  

Earlier, also without warning or explanation, Google deleted Dugin’s accounts and those associated with him, such as YouTube channels and a number of patriotic information platforms, including, Paideuma TV, and Tsargrad. 

Immediately after the attack, the U.S. State Department spotlighted the website in its report.

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