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The rich live on the back of the poor.
They attack us globally. Our response should be global.
Enough. Let us help the weak, let us share. Be human.
GRA news
Money isn't the highest value. There must be something else.
They deny us our future. Let us deny them their rule.

Alexander Dugin


    Jan 09, 2021
    In history we had and still have many opposite issues and conflicts with US on the geopolitical level. We fight on different side of conflicts in many occasion. But what is going on in USA now is other question. That is the question of principles.


    Oct 05, 2020
    Russian strategist Alexander Dugin who is one of the experts, shaping Russian foreign policy, said that “Russia, Turkey, Iran, China and other countries including India, Pakistan and many other Arab countries, African countries, and Europe itself can secure real independence only by way of creating a kind of geopolitical Eurasian alliance”. He assessed the pains of the shif toward a new world order in the interview, published in BRIQ Autumn 2020 issue.

    Sep 06, 2020
    The westernization is not leading us to development it is leading the clock to watch the destruction when ever you hear development of American forces understand destruction. As Professor Dugin says " Important aspects of The Eurasian worldview is an absolute denial of Western civilization in the opinion of Eurasians, the west with the ideology of liberalism is an absolute evil."
  • Proud to be illiberal

    Sep 04, 2020
    Modern liberalism is the absolute enemy of any independent thought. Anything that doesn’t coincide with liberal dogma should be canceled, eliminated, declared “fascism” and its bearers will be severely punished cut off from access to networks, deplatformed, ostracized.

    If you don’t share all dogmatic assertions of liberals you are automatically put under attack, denunciated, pursued, condemned and doomed.
    It is not double standards or conscious systematically distortions of facts. The facts don’t exist outside of interpretation. And in globalist world there is only one interpretation – liberal interpretation. All the rest is “fascism” that should be destroyed.
  • Political Philosophy

    Aug 30, 2020
    Political Philosophy is dedicated to the lectures, debates or congresses where the main toplic of the political thougnt and different traditions were dicussed
  • Alexander Dugin: Some considerations on the freedom of speech

    Aug 15, 2020
    First of all, I think that the freedom of speech is nothing without the freedom of thought. But the freedom of thought demand the capacity to think: to think freely, independently and autonomously. When we have the so called “freedom of speech”, as in a liberal society, in a so called “open society”, without the freedom of thought, we have nothing at all. It’s just a parody. It is nothing real or substantial.
  • Alexander Dugin's introductiory speech for the First online Conference on Fourth Political Theory

    Jul 28, 2020
    By the close of the 20th century, the violent battle between the three political theories of Modernity, i.e. Liberalism, Communism and Fascism, ended with the spectacular worldwide victory of the First Political Theory, Liberalism. This yielded the unipolar moment, Francis Fukuyama’s declaration of the “End of History” (as it at least seemed to be so in the 1990s), and globalization. “One World” began to be discernible based on one universal ideology – liberal globalism. In the 1990s, the overwhelming majority of analysts and experts, public figures and political scientists were inclined to believe that henceforth the economy and civil society would gradually replace politics and competition among nation-states. This created a new paradigm of truths and new obligatory epistemological criteria, such as those represented by such trends as cognitivism, techno-science, political correctness, and “LGBT+ culture.” This unipolar moment lasted until the year 2000, after which something went wrong (for the First Political Theory). The 9/11 attack, the gradual recovering of sovereignty of Putin’s Russia, the spectacular rise of China, the populist wave in Europe, and finally Trump’s election marked symptoms of the fact that Liberalism is in trouble, submerged in a crisis that has become more and more serious and irreversible.