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The rich live on the back of the poor.
They attack us globally. Our response should be global.
Enough. Let us help the weak, let us share. Be human.
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Money isn't the highest value. There must be something else.
They deny us our future. Let us deny them their rule.


The Globalists are trying to take over Belarus completely regardless of whether Lukashenko is bad or good.

For some time I could not understand what is happening in Belarus. On the one hand, we have a typical color revolution following the Soros pattern. On the other hand, the style of coverage of the situation in Russian media - with explicit criticism of Alexander Lukashenko - has been incomprehensible. The story with the Wagner group turned out to be a special operation of Ukraine’s GRU. This clarified things. 

Now things have become a little clearer overall. Moscow is unhappy with Lukashenko's vacillation over Crimea, Ukraine and many other points. Lukashenko is dissatisfied with Moscow over direct pressure and orders to conduct affairs with Minsk with oligarch-intermediaries who do not please Lukashenko. Mutual grievances have accumulated on both sides.

As for the elections, protests, and reaction of the authorities - there is nothing out of the ordinary here. In the United States, a fully-fledged civil war is ongoing between the same forces - BLM, feminists, and other battalions of Soros against the “dictator” Trump. There are always dissatisfied people. But the discontented find serious sponsors only in certain politically and geopolitically acute moments. What is happening in Belarus is a Maidan supported by the Globalists - not simply the US, but the Globalists, the very same ones who are now trying to bring down Trump in the US. 


And this is absolutely regardless of whether Lukashenko is bad or good. This is a color revolution in the interests of the agonizing unipolar world and collapsing liberalism. That is, crystal clear evil is behind those rising up against Lukashenko. This is not the people. This is post-modern society galloping into the abyss.

But where, then, is the reaction of the Russian media coming from? It is absurd to behave in such serious matters according to the principle of “you’ve really done it now” or “serves you right.” 

The only logical explanation for such a Russian reaction to what is happening in Belarus can be the following chain of inferences:

 - Lukashenko will go too far (he has already gone overboard in something). 

 - The West will brand him and begin to seriously bring him down.

 - And he will have no choice but to turn to Moscow for military assistance.

Moreover, Lithuania and Poland could rush ahead of events and pose a direct military threat to Lukashenko.

That is when and where we will send in the troops. They weren’t really sent into Ukraine, but in the very least we will send them into fraternal Belarus. 


I understand very well that this is not a very clever strategy and not particularly subtle. But if this is not the explanation, then there is none at all.

Alexander Dugin
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