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COVID jail

  • As COVID-1984 Accelerates Bill Gates Blames ‘Freedom’ For Spread of the Virus

    Aug 25, 2020
    Recently Bill Gates gave an interview to the Rothschild partially owned Economist. In this interview, Gates was asked about how he views the U.S. response to the outbreak. His reply was…

    Aside from the high ‘risk money’ the US ponied up for vaccine research and development, he think the U.S. is doing a poor job overall.

    Gates proceeded to directly blame the poor response on lack of preparation, but also freedom. Yes Bill Gates blamed our freedoms for the spread of the virus.

    Bill Gates then went on to praise China’s authoritarian response and said, despite the fact that peoples rights were violated, China’s response was really amazing!

    This is right out of the 2010 Rockefeller Lock Step document that laid out a scenario for A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.

    In this video report, we examine how we seem to be living out a scenario very similar to a Rockefeller Foundation document from a decade ago.

    We also explore several examples of how what was Ince considered to be basic, fundamental freedoms are being erased in response to this current crisis.

    At the end of the day, one must always ask… who benefits?

    The covid-19 pandemic will be over by the end of 2021, says Bill Gates

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  • Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown car protest draws thousands

    May 23, 2020
    Thousands of people in Spain are protesting against the government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

    The far-right Vox party urged supporters to drive through major cities without leaving their vehicles in order to maintain social distancing.

    Protesters in the capital, Madrid, drove in convoy and waved Spanish flags as they called for socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to resign.
  • Protesters in London take part in group hug in defiance of coronavirus lockdown outside Met Police headquarters

    May 02, 2020
    A man has been arrested after protesters in London took part in a group hug outside Met Police's headquarters in defiance of the coronavirus lockdown.

    The crowd outside New Scotland Yard, close to the Houses of Parliament, were seen hugging each other as others held signs reading: "My body, my choice."

    Another at the protest in central London on Saturday afternoon held a sign saying: "No more lockdown."

    Around 20 people appeared to be in the crowd, which included young children.

    Police told the protesters to go home before arresting a man who did not comply.
  • Mass protests: Italian priests vent fury over lockdown bar on worship

    Apr 30, 2020
    Italian politicians clash with the Catholic clergy at their own peril and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte risks doing just that by keeping churches closed due to coronavirus.

    "It's a dictatorship!" protested Giovanni D'Ercole, bishop of Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region, in a video message surrounded by pious images. He was venting his fury at the prime minister's decision to extend the ban on all religious ceremonies until further notice, except for funerals, which can be attended by a maximum of 15 relatives.
  • Violent protests in Paris suburbs reflect tensions under lockdown

    Apr 26, 2020
    PARIS — The riots began after a man on a motorcycle crashed into the open door of an unmarked police vehicle, a collision that landed him in the emergency room with a broken leg.

    In the midst of a global health crisis, the April 18 incident in the Paris suburb of Villeneuve-la-Garenne might have gained little attention — even while there was some debate between witnesses and police about whether the door had been opened on purpose.

    But, coming five weeks into a lockdown that has exacerbated inequalities, the incident brought simmering tensions to a boiling point in France’s poor and densely populated suburbs.
  • Hundreds protest against lockdown at Polish-German border

    Apr 25, 2020
    Hundreds of people who live in Poland and work in Germany protested on Friday evening in the southwestern Polish border town of Zgorzelec against a mandatory coronavirus quarantine for those who cross the border.

    Poland was one of the first European Union states to close borders due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. It also imposed a mandatory two-week lockdown for those who enter its territory - a major jolt for those who live their lives in between two EU states.

    The protest was staged on a foot bridge connecting Zgorzelec and the German town of Gorlitz, which functioned as one town before the borders were closed.
  • 'I want my life back': Germans protest against lockdown

    Apr 25, 2020
    German police wearing riot gear and face masks tussled on Saturday with dozens of protesters demonstrating in central Berlin against the coronavirus lockdown on public life.
    Protesters shouted “I want my life back” and held up signs with slogans such as “Protect constitutional rights”, “Freedom isn’t everything but without freedom, everything is nothing”, and “Daddy, what is a kiss?”

    Police said on Twitter they had arrested more than 100 people.
  • Hundreds protest in southern Russian against coronavirus curbs

    Apr 20, 2020
    Hundreds of people protested against regional authorities in southern Russia on Monday over what they said were restrictive and unnecessary coronavirus measures, state-owned TV and demonstrators said.

    The forced closure of businesses across Russia and the imposition of strict self-isolation measures has caused economic pain to many households, particularly in Russia’s regions, where salaries are lower and the virus less entrenched.