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The rich live on the back of the poor.
They attack us globally. Our response should be global.
Enough. Let us help the weak, let us share. Be human.
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Money isn't the highest value. There must be something else.
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Alexander Dugin: Some considerations on the freedom of speech

First of all, I think that the freedom of speech is nothing without the freedom of thought. But the freedom of thought demand the capacity to think: to think freely, independently and autonomously. When we have the so called “freedom of speech”, as in a liberal society, in a so called “open society”, without the freedom of thought, we have nothing at all. It’s just a parody. It is nothing real or substantial.

If we consider what the liberals understand speaking about the freedom of speech: it is the freedom to speak liberally. It is the freedom to be liberal, and if you try to think otherwise, and to express your alternative, illiberal thought in you speech, you will be immediately blamed as the enemy of the open society and deprived of all rights. So that is a concentration camp and not the freedom of speech.
Liberal society is the big, huge Gulag or Majdanek.

When liberals demand the freedom of speech they destroy these demands by the prohibition of all kind of liberal thought. More than that they try to reduce our ability to think liberally outside of their liberal frame. So, that is pure propaganda hypocrisy. A new kind of Orwellian society.

Today, socialists are not the communists or fascists, that are representing Big Brother, but a new form of dictatorship. Now, the only existing and real dictatorship that prohibits any kind of freedom of thought, and consequentially the freedom of speech, is liberalism.

So, I have always fought, and I am still fighting for the real freedom of thought, liberal or illiberal. We should not be necessarily liberal in order to think, in order to speak, in order to express our opinions. In that sense, I think we need to fight for the freedom of words, the freedom of speech, for the freedom of beliefs, the freedom of convictions and again for the freedoms of beliefs.

Now, all that is in danger in front of a new kind of liberal dictatorship and dictature [French= dictatorship]. And I think that the freedom of speech becomes more and more the main line of the real fight. The fight of humanity against liberals. The liberals represent the real and the global threat to any kind of freedom, including the freedom of speech.