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The rich live on the back of the poor.
They attack us globally. Our response should be global.
Enough. Let us help the weak, let us share. Be human.
GRA news
Money isn't the highest value. There must be something else.
They deny us our future. Let us deny them their rule.


Translatio imperii



Marc Endeweld revealed that Macron is "obsessed with the Great Replacement" and often discusses it with his advisors, even using the word "Great Replacement" himself.  The "Great Replacement " is considered a "conspiracy theory". The concept means that not all people living in Europe in 2100 will be descendants of the Europeans who lived in Europe in 1900. Rather, some of the people living in 2100 will be of African descent.  It is probable and possible that Macron is aware, through the stats he has access to, that there is indeed a demographic change taking place in France. It is not clear whether Macron is happy about it or panicking about it. Marc Endeweld , who leaked this information, is a mainstream journalist, rather liberal, who wrote two books on Macron and covered his campaign. 




[Vidéo] Immigration, “grand remplacement” : Macron reprend en privé des formules d'Éric Zemmour et Renaud Camus | Valeurs actuelles (

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