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They deny us our future. Let us deny them their rule.

The PanΔemic Alliance

Dear Colleagues!

We remind you of us and keep you in the know that since the spring of this year, the international analytical and news portal GRA news has resumed its work after a forced break. We launched the project in new formats and with an updated global agenda and information tasks arising from it.

At the moment, the central topic of the portal is the problem of universal and forced vaccination in the new unprecedented conditions of the planetary pandemic.

The issue of mass and right up to forced vaccination has replaced the spring-summer theme of the epidemiological curfew and the response of the world street to it.

Vaccination and its possible consequences for right now, on the eve of September, is leading in the rating of topics in the world media. With the beginning of active public statements on governmental and medical prescriptions, as well as with the launch of their immediate implementation, the demand for comprehensive professional coverage of the topic is expected to only increase.

The mass vaccination recommended by a number of states and the WHO approval of accelerated work in this field directly affects many political, legal, social and other state and supranational institutions.

It is obvious that everyone is interested in fundamentally understanding the essence of what is happening, in the various risks and consequences of massive measures against possible reiteration of the epidemic: both professionals from different industries and departments (due to their activities and the scale of responsibility assigned to them), and each of us as an individual who wants to have an idea of ​​the possible negative medical and other consequences for our lives and the lives of people close to us.

Russia, to our regret, going by its official statements about readiness for universal vaccination of the population (the President's statement of August 11 this year) is currently ahead of other countries. Therefore, the GRA NEWS editorial board defines as immediate task to puzzle out the tangle of this unprecedented, so multilevel planet-scale problematics.

Unfortunately, open professional and reliable first-hand information about the causes of the outbreak and in-depth evaluation of the global pandemic are leaving much to be desired. Analytical articles promising to clarify what happened with the involvement of advanced science – virology, medicine (epidemiology, psychology) and sociology –  are full of inaccuracies and distortions, or even simply absurd statements (to say the least, due to the well-known journalistic factor).

The COVID-19 virus epidemic, which exploded the world course of history, predictably raised many questions about the origin, a lot of versions about political (up to conspiratorial) goal-setting and about those forces that may be somehow interested in this state of planetary affairs.

In addition, a comprehensive analysis of the current pandemic, as well as possible and/or upcoming world waves of its general and local reactivation and (which is most actual and sensible today) the development of an effective vaccine, is both under political strategic and medical global surveillance and domestic control, which are in a complex process of interaction or opposition to each other. And to a large extent – it makes sense! However, people’s desire for reliable information necessary to be aware of the general picture in the current circumstances is irrevocable. task of is to present to our dear readers the current situation in the world in all its objective completeness. Such a task is difficult and almost impossible for the media to work in the new conditions aggravated by pandemic tensions (and in connection with the increasing global censorship in the COVID-19 topic) is almost impossible.

But the race is got by running! set feet on the path and organizes work relying on its readership and correspondent network. Therethrough, the path is open for all of us and implies a constructive joint understanding of what is happening in our country and in the world as a whole.

The joint activity of all those interested in clarifying the situation is actual today, this autumn, when numerous announcements about new risks and re-infections with COVID-19 and/or its ideo-variants arise.

Hence, for all of us - the editors of GRA NEWS , our readers and colleagues in different countries of the world –  those who are actively involved in the global political, epidemiological, economic and futurological agenda – the most important thing is to have the opportunity to get acquainted with a transparent professional and multi-level analytics associated with the problems and side consequences, and possibly a well-thought-out political strategy that will certainly arise with such an unjustifiably sudden and in-your-face decision to vaccinate almost the entire population of the earth. intends to regularly publish materials from virologists and epidemiologists of the world, as well as professional experts in other adjacent fields, covering in detail the progress of vaccine development in different countries and by different global companies. Our reader and correspondent network, as well as friendly portals of like-minded people, has been rapidly expanding since this spring and covers even the most exotic corners of the earth.

• We are interested in republishing news and analytical materials in the public media of your country about the development of vaccine, if it is being developed internally, or media discussions about the readiness of the enforced import of vaccine for the citizens of your country.

It is well known that the timing of genetically engineered development of antibodies to such complex infectious agents as the COVID-19 retrovirus takes a long period (without taking into account the professional, resource and financial aspects of the problem).

In addition, specialists do not have an endless opportunity to reduce to a minimum the testing period, which should be carried out at different biological levels and with different pharmacological tasks (as far as all kinds of physiological limitations and complications of varying severity incidental to any vaccination).

• We are interested in republishing materials about state (at the level of heads of state and government), as well as departmental and regional (as well as micro-local) bureaucratic instructions and recommendations. As well as reactions and discussions initiated by the above-mentioned topics.

• For the purpose of republishing, we are interested in materials about the reactions of citizens of certain countries on the topic of compulsory vaccination, reactions to specific actions (during vaccination), as well as precedents of self-organization of citizens (if any) in support groups or against this method of COVID-19 prevention.

We invite you to volunteer cooperation on the media resource, which is designed to accumulate media formats on these issues across the entire world community.

The GRA news portal has a range of opportunities for republishing any media formats, convenient search engines and a choice of languages ​​for our readers, which makes it possible for all of us to clearly see the picture of what is happening in the world, trends, problem areas and individual government and civil decisions to overcome the unprecedented crisis.

We call and invite you to contribute in the development of the GRA news portal : send us thematic materials on the above issues and/or links to open national and regional sources of information, photos, videos, drawings, memes, cartoons, your own reports and analytical notes, etc.

All this  (with account taken to the necessity of verification of information) will be published around the clock on the portal GRA NEWS

Pandemia / πανδημία in translation from Greek means "all people". Therefore, only together we can see the situation in the world more clearly!

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